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Dave was walking down the street when an old man handed him a bowl with a butterfly in it. But it was a magical butterfly! however, it couldnt be magical inside the bowl. But, Dave tripped and the bowl broke. therefor the butterfly escaped and fireballs rained down from the heavens. however, the old man captured it in a bowl. but, he then took a jar with a magical spider in it and put it in Dave’s mailbox. therefor, Dave accidentally unleashed a magical spider. However, the spider was hungry. but, the spider didnt want to eat people. however, it turned Dave’s house into a giant burrito. but, dave had geico insurance so the spider was destroyed by a giant gecko. However, Dave didnt have a house anymore. But, he found a box. Therefore, Dave now lives in a box. But, The box is quite comfortable. However, Dave was not expecting the bees. Therefore, he was attacked by bees.

Every Story is the Same

• life/death

• story circle

• second dividing line – change – stasis

• you are the starting characters until you have a better choice

• Things aren’t perfect – reason for story

• What the story is about – 3. Go – sent to “other world”

• Adapt and experiment – 4

• Find what they need to find – 5

• Something is more important than you – 6

• Return – waking up/ pulled out of extreme situation – 7

• change – you are in charge of your situation again – death star is blown up – 8




In this tutorial I learned  a little bit about AI, however around the third video I had a few problems, my version of unity was different, and a piece of code was causing errors, I did attempt to fix it and I want to continue working on this tutorial in my free time. The tutorial took the tanks game from a separate tutorial and added two different forms of AI, I enjoyed learning what I could from it before having issues with Unity. I want to continue watching this tutorial and progressing as this seemed really interesting.

Project Charter Form

Project Name Fenris
Project Description You must make it through many different levels and navigate a maze of tunnels and caves in order to find an exit.
Project Sponsor Capital Game Design
Project Team Member(s) Null
Project Objectives Create a 2-D platformer game
Project Milestones (in no particular order)
Create at least 2 working maps, create at least 3 sprites, create 2 more maps, create more sprites!!!, code NPCs, Code Player controls, code lives system, add weapons and items, code items, code weapons, code death system
Assumptions INFO GOES HERE…
Project Completion Date 3-4 months

We agree that this is a viable project. The Project Team Member(s) are authorized to begin the planning, design, and development process for this project.

Project Sponsor INFO GOES HERE…
Project Team / Manager INFO GOES HERE…

Game Pitch Proposal

Cover Page

Title of project, group members, and the group member’s role in the creation of the pitch.


Executive Summary

So I took The Secret World and mixed it with Hollow Knight and Dead Cells… This game combines Hollow Knight’s idea of having to backtrack, The Secret World’s Skill tree system, and a mix of enemy variants based off of all 3 games.

 A 2-D Platforming game. You awaken in a subway station and must battle your way through different variants of enemies and obstacles. The levels have many areas to explore, and at times requires backtracking. Players will be rewarded for exploring, through weapons, items, upgrades, and even help from friendly NPCs.


Game Description

(7 page max): Describe the game in greater detail.
(Label and include the following 8 subsections listed below)


(1/2 page max) Big picture of the game, main quest, main players, etc.

You are the main character and the main quest of the game is to escape the different areas without being killed. Exits are hidden in maze-like dungeons and you must fight or evade enemies as you attempt to find an exit. Although it isn’t required, it is recommended players try to find and acquire items. There are also friendly NPCs that can assist you if you take the time to look for them. the player has 5 Health (can take 5 hits from enemies before dying) total to start.

The Quest

(1/2 page max) Describe the quest in further detail, obstacles, rewards, and the final
objective. Is the game broken into levels or intermediate stages of gameplay?

Main Character

(1/2 page max) Describe main character, powers, change with gameplay, firstperson,

Sketch of Main Character

(1 page max) A sketch of the Main Character.


(1/2 page max) Describe main opponents, intelligence, attack, hide, or evade?

Sketch of Opponents

(1 page max) A sketch of the primary Opponents.


(1/2 page max) Description of the environment in which the game is played, outer
space, urban, futuristic, etc.

Sketch of World

Sketch of level one



(1/2 page max) initial menu screen and any options include a sketch.


(1/2 page max) Describe interface (up, down, run, shoot, fast, slow).


(1/2 page max) Describe background sounds: music, footsteps, Vehicle, Door, etc.


(1/2 page max): This is the final sales pitch. Include a brief summary that would make
someone want to buy your game!