My Stretch Goal

Role – Character/things that move in the world programmer
SMART Goal – By the 26th, as part of my team, I will have completed research to make a functioning player and at least one AI with at least two different actions for this social distancing project.
Why – I want to achieve this because AI interest me, and I feel that by finding ways to get them to perform multiple actions I can better utilize them in future projects.
How – I will be looking at how to get AI to instantiate objects (allowing them to spawn in bullets, shields, etc. at any point in time), as well as how to get AI to pick an action at random.
When – I will be working on this for about 2-3 hours on Tuesdays and Fridays
Resources – Unity Manual (to look at instantiating and randomization), and Unity (Which I have installed)
Milestones – the main milestones are having a moving player, giving the player health, and one attack. For the AI, the milestones are to get it to move, perform one action, and for it to die.

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