Building Scripting Skills

  • Scripts as Behavior Components 
  • Variables and Functions
    • Link: variables-and-functions (5:52)
    • Notes:
      – scripts being used as behaviour components can do many things, such as change the color of  an object
      – Most examples of scripts that you will find online are either JavaScript or C#
  • Conventions and Syntax
    • Link: conventions-and-syntax (4:10)
    • Notes:
      – the dots are allow you to separate or access the different compounds
      – Semi-colon is used to terminate statements
      – You dont NEED to indent code, but it is essential to make code that can be read easily. Spacing out the code with indents can help with finding errors in the code —(–o_o–)/
      – use // to leave yourself a comment .-.
  • C# vs JS syntax
  • IF Statements
  • Loops
    • Link: loops (5:33)
    • Notes:
  • Classes

Spinning Cube and Simple Clock

Spinning Cube and Simple Clock


Scripting Resources

What I Learned

I learned more about rigidbodies as well as more about rotation scripts. The Clock helped me learn more about setting timers linked with rotation scripts.


Robb Kennedy

Recommendation for Noah S

It’s difficult to find someone with as much creativity as Noah. I have known Noah since middle school, and have seen him progress through different classes. Noah is very creative and has come up with many good ideas. Noah is very funny and is able to get along with others easily. I would most certainly recommend Noah S.