The Undead Horde Production


Our team of four was given three weeks to make a playable game.

21st Century Skills

In my team, I demonstrated problem solving. I was the coder for my team, and had to fix a lot of problems with our code, including bullets not working. I had to communicate with my team effectively in order to figure out what codes needed to be made, and which ones were most important. I gained information through google and by asking Sam questions about my code and what I was doing wrong.

The Game

The game is a simple 2D top-down shooter. You use the mouse to shoot, and you move around with WASD.

Reactions to Final Version

We were told we had a good game, and presented well. Kenneth said our game went better than expected.

Evaluation to Final Version

Our game was simple, and straightforward, using only five buttons (WASD and left click). The game was concrete, and followed its own rules, not having any glitches or breaks in the realism.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I learned how to set up shooting to follow the mouse. There were many problems during this, but the most difficult one to deal with was getting the bullet to continue moving in the correct direction. I was able to get help from Sam, and he explained what was wrong with the code, and gave me an example to base my next try on. I was able to get the code to work during the end of production.