Alley Shootout Game Production




21st Century Skills Demonstrated

I was required to be in constant communication with my team in order to know what needed to be coded, what was being cut from production, and anything new I needed to implement. I demonstrated problem solving by efficiently fixing problems in my code, and researching similar problems. I had to research many different codes for the same code I was working on, in order to gather information for the game. I was able to stay on task and efficiently work on code throughout the entire project.

The Game

Alley Shootout is a basic one button shooting game. The player shoots at the enemy by clicking the left mouse button. If an enemy makes it to the other side of the alley, you lose health.

Reactions to the Final Version

I was told by the judges that I demonstrated good evidence of commenting my coding, as well as having a good overall product. The panel also commented the team on our professionalism during the presentation.

Evaluation of the Final Version

The final version is a very basic 8-bit game, however the simple mechanics and art style make it easy to understand and play, especially since it is a one button game.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I learned how to more efficiently comment in codes. This helped me during my problem with the enemy damage code, as based on my comments, the code was not at fault. This allowed me to fix the problem by adding rigid bodies to the enemies.