All Beginner Gameplay Scripts

What I learned

I learned how to use Transforming Functions to move objects, I feel like this will be one of the more important parts of coding as it will most likely be used to make characters move and help with the creation of scripted events like having an object roll down a hill. Tutorial 10 had broken code and was unusable, so I couldn’t quite fix that one, I did have problems with codes not working, but it was mainly human error as I was trying to test codes one at a time instead of having all the working scripts being made and then tested together.

Project Management and Bug Reporting Software


easy to understand bug reporting section
Easy to understand in general
nice layout
has a wiki section
import stuff from old projects
priority list (wishlist-critcal)

don’t know what it means by “sprints”


easy to understand layout
priority list

Not more pros
Nothing is really pre-made like with Taiga, so Taiga saves more time


Easy to understand layout
Priority list (low-high)

Almost everything is on one tab, so it’s less organized than Taiga

What I am going to use:

I’m going to be using Taiga because I like the layout the best and it just seems easier to use for me. I like that it uses different tabs instead of one giant mess on one page.